how to professionally resign from your job

Resigning is a huge career decision and as in other situations, there are no right or wrong ways to take. 
Listen other people opinions but remember that it’s your decision. Good planning will help to navigate a potentially awkward conversation.

Are you hesitating?

Consider your decision carefully. Ask these questions to yourself to facilitate your decision:
•    Are you committed to leaving?
•    Weigh up the pros and cons and be clear with your reasons
•    Have you investigated all opportunities within your current organisation?
•    Would you leave if you were offered more money or a promotion?
•    Will you be better off in your new job regarding money, location, career and personal development?

Have a good ending

In the perfect world, it is pleasant and straightforward to resign. Your boss is understanding, supportive and happy for you. In reality there are very few who find it so easy.
There are only advantages to managing your resignation properly. Of course, for your own conscience sake, but also for your future. In the end, good references are not only valuable, but necessary.

Include that after careful consideration you have decided to leave the company. Clearly state the number of weeks’ notice you will work and your last date with the company. Keep it confidential – your boss will appreciate being the one to decide who else to tell, how and when to break the news.


Be professional with your reason for leaving  

Focus on the new job and what it can offer you. If there is anything negative to say then save that for your exit interview. If you are leaving on good terms, or are particularly sorry to be leaving behind valued colleagues and friends, can go a long way and costs nothing. Be prepared for a negative reaction, you are just resigning and this has an impact on your bosses working life.

How to tell your Manager 

Be gracious – tell them how much you’ve enjoyed working with them and that you’ve learned a lot. Be co-operative and ensure your boss you will do all you can to make sure the handover is a smooth transition. Work out what you are going to say and then stick to it. Thank your boss and focus on the positives of the job. If you must tackle anything negative then be constructive. Always leave the meeting on a good note – people remember the first and last impression people make.

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