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Your CV is an important tool when it comes to your professional development. Therefore, it may be worth investing time in it to ensure a professional performance.

Treat your CV as a "living" document and update it as soon as you get new experiences or are involved in new activities. By doing this, you save time updating experiences and achievements when you are asked to hand over your CV and can respond quickly.

Below are some quick tips to keep in mind when creating, customizing and using your CV

  • Be truthful and honest. If you lie, you will be discovered very quicklyList your latest job / experience first and work your way back in time
  • Make a research of the company you are applying for, tailor your resume with the company in mind. Match your knowledge and experience with their brand values
  • Read the job description. Make sure you know what you are looking for and refer to the job in your resume / Personal letter / Interview
  • Use similar adjectives that you found in the job description. Don't just copy them because it's too obvious
  • If an opportunity is discovered, it can be helpful to prepare your CV with technical terminology so that the employer sees that you have an understanding of the industry
  • If you are not applying for a specific role, review similar job descriptions online and tailor your CV to these. This is always a good way to see what additional knowledge /
    experience you need and also work proactively
  • Use an email address with a professional tone - and not something like


Remember: The goal of a CV is not to get the job, but to get a chance for an interview. Make it concise, interesting and attractive.
​​​​​​​Get the employer curious to know more about you.

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