Accepting a job offer

Accepting a job offer

Been offered a job? Consider before accepting

Congratulations! You got the job but still there are some things to consider before you start.

There is no option that is right or wrong. Be honest and do not be afraid to ask for reconsideration if you need it. Your potential employer will understand if you want to think about the decision one more time. It is important to know how to proceed before you accept the offer. 

Stay in touch with your new employer via email or phone. Your new boss may want to invite you to meet your new colleagues before you begin. If so, make an effort to put in an appearance.

How to make a good first impression on your first day?

No doubt you want to make the right impression quickly and a new job success strategy will help you do just that.


  • Be early and well presented: treat your first day almost like the interview and prove to your new boss they made the right decision.
  • Map out a seating plan and put peoples’ names in the various positions. Also make a note of the name of anyone you will have regular contact with such as the receptionist.
  • Ask your manager insightful questions: This is an extension of a first impression so stick to business subjects.
  • In the early stages you should be listening a lot more than talking. Make good quality notes to make the tasks easier – there will be a lot of information to learn about in a short space of time.
  • Be quick to observe, slow to judge: Don’t make snap judgements about people or situations.

Longer Term

  • Keep focused on what’s important: Keep your job description handy and review it as you are getting up to speed. Reflect on how what you are learning ties to what is expected of you and how you will achieve success.

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