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Helping employees to understand their organisations vision and how they fit into the bigger picture can improve performance. This is why it is important for business leaders to convey a succinct and clear vision to motivate their team and ensure they are able to communicate a message to the business in a way that inspires the wider workforce. This is the message from Hays CEO, Alistair Cox, in his latest LinkedIn Influencer blog.

“As a leader, it is a key part of your role to help all your employees to see the bigger picture of what you are trying to achieve and to understand how they personally fit into achieving this vision” says Alistair Cox. “Encouraging their thinking about the bigger picture provides employees with context, encourages loyalty and helps to foster a feeling of connectedness and common purpose. Overall performance is usually much better if people are provided direction and motivation.”

To ensure an organisations message is understood business leaders must think about how it is communicated, as a complex vision can be lost in translation. If a message needs a lot of explanation, then it will fail to inspire and there is a chance it will be forgotten. In order to avoid this happening stay clear of using management speak and also consider the way in which the message is delivered. To inspire your workforce think about communicating beyond emails and consider webinars, seminars or ‘town halls’, Alistair says “You want your teams to engage with the organisation and its mission, vision and values. This can be almost impossible to achieve with just an email and there are lots of other user-friendly ways available to us today.”

In order for employees to truly see the big picture they must also have an appreciation of what happens elsewhere in the company, outside of their own area. Experiencing other parts of an organisation helps employees understanding how they fit into the wide organisation and in-turn their role in delivering the company’s strategic goals. This can be achieved in a number of ways, including cross team seminars and presentations, or even secondments and work shadowing. Alistair offered this advice, “By working within and on behalf of other functional teams, your employees will rapidly begin to appreciate how the wider business works. It's not always easy, but it pays dividends if people can see how things fit together and how their work impacts on other parts of the business.”

Business leaders must maintain their focus on the organisations strategic direction and long-term objectives. The task of communicating the message cannot lie solely with the business leader, providing management teams with the capabilities and experience for them to succeed in cascading the message is paramount to the success of it being understood across the business. Alistair adds, “Once it clicks though and you have single-minded clarity and buy-in right through the organisation from top to bottom, amazing things can happen.”
Om Hays
Hays plc är ett specialistrekryteringsföretag som har totalt 7840 anställda och finns i 33 länder runt om i världen. Sedan starten i Sverige 2003 arbetar Hays Sverige inom olika expertområden: Bygg & Fastighet, Chefsrekrytering, Ekonomi & Finans, HR, IT, Life Sciences, Sälj & Marknad och Teknik & Ingenjörer.

– Koncernen rapporterade nettoomsättning på £ 719 miljoner och rörelseresultat (före extraordinära poster) på £ 125,5 miljjoner;
– Koncernen rekryterade runt 53,000 kandidater till permanenta jobb och cirka 182,000 personer till konsultuppdrag;
– 29% av koncernens nettoomsättning genereras i Asien-Stillahavsregionen,  31% i Storbritannien och Irland och 40% i kontinentala Europa och övriga länder (CERoW).
– Nettoomsättningen bestod till 59% av konsultuppdrag och 41% av rekryteringsuppdrag
–Hays är verksamma i följande länder: Australien, Belgien, Brasilien, Chile, Columbia, Danmark, Frankrike, Förenade Arabemiraten, Hong Kong, Irland, Italien, Japan, Kanada, Kina, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Mexiko, Nederländerna, Nya Zeeland, Österrike, Polen, Portugal, Ryssland, Schweiz, Singapore, Slovakien, Spanien, Sverige, Storbritannien, Tjeckien, Tyskland, Ungern, USA